4 tips to have a great club crawl in London

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Great Club Crawl in London

1.Have a look on the facebook page of the pub crawl company. You can see pictures of previous parties, read the reviews, comments and have an idea of the overall mood of their events. Like some people say, age is just a number, well the same goes with likes, don’t mind this number too much since some companies buy likes to look big and popular, but not always the page with the highest number of likes means it’s the best.


2.Have a look of the bars or clubs they plan to visit, maybe you know some of them already, you will see the value in doing the bar crawl because you won’t pay the entry fee of the venue. The nuts pub crawl ticket include the entry fees on each club, and even better, you’ll get a free shot per venue and discounts on drinks.


3.Set up your mind to party, one or two drinks to warm up your body sounds like a good idea, but pace yourself. It’s the pitty that some people pre-drink too much and they’re not able to finish the tour.


4. Don’t miss the meeting point. Usually people are late and come at the second or third venue. That’s the pittyyyy. First because you will miss half of the pub crawl. But the main reason is because the beginning of the clubbing tour is the key moment of the event. Why ? Because it is at the beginning that you got the time to speak with the pub crawlers. The first venue is usually the quietest one and it is on purpose. The goal is to let people introducing themselves, meeting, and chatting. If you miss this moment then the group is done and it will be difficult for you to enter in the party group.


5. Coming in group is a good idea, but alone is even better, you will socialise and meet lot of people from all around the world.



Be thirsty and come party!