Cafe Kick

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Cafe Kick

We wrote an article about the bar kick few months ago, and would like to introduce you his little sister : Cafe kick.
This social, local cafe is based in exmouth market, which is 10 min walking distance from King’s Cross. I really like this cafe for many reasons.

Cafe Kick food

The food there is simple but magic. This is all we love. It is a mix between French and Spanish culture. The kick platter is a good illustration. They serve you good spanish charcuterie, with cheese, olives and bread. Easy to enjoy with a fresh beer or cocktail and to share with your friends.
They also have good salads and things that i will have to try.Canele

For the dessert you need to try Cannelé. This is a French speciality that i haven’t found anywhere else in London yet. I’m in London since 2009. This dessert is a sweet little cake. It taste like crazy. It is difficult to describe, just try it you won’t be disappointed.

Cafe Kick ambience

Good vibes there, always a smile, friendly staff,not too crowded. The terrace / street is quiet, so, perfect to chill with your drink outside.

Cafe Kick Foosball

What make this cafe special is that they have foosball table. you can go there to play as a leisure or in competition as they often plan tournaments.

43 Exmouth Market
020 7837 8077