London Student Job

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London Student Job

We are looking for students, who are willing to work for a few hours on Wednesday, Thurday, Friday, Saturday,
Promoting events and guiding our Nuts Pub Crawl nights. We are looking for helpful people with a friendly personality who likes Clubbing, able to lead a group and having a good sense of humour.

Ideal Candidate:

  • Good timekeeping and reliability
  • Flexible
  • Positive attitude
  • Be willing to learn new skills
  • Work with all kinds of people
  • Self motivated
  • Good sense of humour
  • Strong leadership


  • You can party with your friends and get pay.
  • Work in a fun atmosphere
  • Earn up to £100/hours (Basic + Bonus)

If you feel like the right person for that, send us your CV, and if you want, a short story about: what could be a good pub crawl for you?