Piccadilly Institute in Piccadilly Circus

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Piccadilly Institute


One of the Biggest club in West End, the Piccadilly Institute will impressed you by the labyrinth of rooms. With six different atmosphere, you need to experience each totally unique. There you will find something for every mood, discover a new room at each turn.

The top location of this club will give you the opportunity to see Piccadilly Circus form another point of view. I would advise you to go at the top floor of this place and have a look through those windows. I won’t tell you more, just do it and you will understand the magie of this place. Also, go to this point of view with someone, it is always better to share good things with your best friend, girlfriend, date, grand mother who you want, but please share it, it worth it.

I know, you think that i try to make you curious in order to sale my product, maybe you are right, but the truth is that i shared this place with only one girl and she’s now my fiancé.



Join our club crawl and finish at Piccadilly Institute


The London Pavillion,

1 Piccadilly Circus,

London W1V 9LA