Robbo / Banksy : End of the graffiti war

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Banksy graffiti rival King Robbo passed away on July the 31, 2014 . the biggest public display of artistic rivalry since Matisse and Picasso. It all started at a party in the late Nineties when they have been introduce by Ben [Eine].
here is the whole story.

We wanted to tell you the story in pictures, so here we go. here is the original King Robbo Graffiti in 1985 :




the same graffiti in 2006, a bit older :




The King Robbo’s graffiti half covered by Banksy in 2009. The war is declared :



The straight answer from King Robbo :


The swearing answer from Banksy, still in 2009 :


Then the wall painted in black, by an unknown “artist” :


Robbo add in July 2010 the Banksy’s career end :


And again, black wall :


Banksy draw in January 2011 a luxurious living room with red fishes :


In April 2011 King Robbo go into a coma, a new artwork appear on the by-now black-painted canalside wall where the original Robbo graffiti used to be, bearing the artist’s name and a crown emblem, which many assumed was painted by Banksy as a tribute :



King Robbo Passed away few days ago, does the wall will show a new artwork for a last tribute ? Wait and see…