Tips for girls to party in London

Posted By on Jan 18, 2017 | 0 comments

Seriously, you have never done a Pub Crawl? While it is the best way to discover everything, best bars in the center of London, nice people, a really good club… How does it work?

First, you book for you and your friends (or not) on the website of the Pub Crawl, it’s better and less expensive, only £10 online rather than £15 at the door. You can do everything of your day, shopping, call girls, without thinking about what will you do tonight, where, with who, what will you drink. The pub crawl take care of everything! Picture yourself,  It’s 7 pm, you take a shower, prepare yourself, put your shoes and go, you are ready for an amazing night out.

9 pm, you are at the meeting point with your (new) friends, behind the bar, the guides give you your wristband and you are ready to go. You will talk with the other people, get to know about them, and maybe meet the one. If we haven’t told you before, the wristband provides you half price on drinks (bottle of beer, same on vodka/lemonade), and a free shot in each venue. It’s cool right?

So you have fun, there is good music, you have done the second venue and you are on the last bar, you are drinking your third shot and then, a guy comes to you. It isn’t really the moment (or just not at your taste, don’t be shy to say it), don’t worry, the Pub Crawl group will help you to escape. Because yes, in a pub crawl you make friends, maybe just for a night, and maybe more, but you are not alone, there is always someone to help you. During the night, you will discover tourists, locals, and students anyway. People from all around the world are gathering together to party and this is one of the best point in the pub crawl.

Midnight, you reach the last club, you don’t need anything else but your wristband. No need for money because you are privileged and all the entries are included. As always half price and shots (if you haven’t understood yet, it is a really good deal…). And that’s it. This is your night.

Oh, I almost forgot! All around the night we take professional pictures, of you, with your friends, having fun, and you will find it on our website.

To sum up, you just have to… Have fun. You want more? It’s not enough? Ok… I will tell you something really special, it will prove that girls really should do our Pub Crawl… Every Fridays it is for you, for every lady, so just for you, it is half price when you book on the Nuts Pub Crawl website with the code “ladiesnight”.