Nuts Pub Crawls London


How does it works ?

The pub crawl takes place 4 evenings a week, from Wednesday to Saturday. You can book your tickets online or at the door. There is no need to print it, you can show it on your mobile. Join us at the meeting point (the address is written on the ticket) and the guide will give you a wristband that will give you access to all the clubs. See our different tours.

What does the ticket include?

The ticket includes:
1. Pre-paid entrance to each club. You will not need to pay entry fees. On average this saves £40.

2. You will get one free shot in each club.

3. You will get deals on drinks. Beer and vodka-lemonade are half price.

4. Professional Photos of your night out in London

5. Fun guides that will lead the way through the city.

Who are our guides?

"Barbara is from Mexico. She likes to dance and to meet people from all over the world. Her speciality is drinking Jager bombs. She speaks Spanish and English."

"Jeremie is French, he has lived in London since 2009. He knows Leicester Square and Piccadilly Circus well. His speciality is taking the pictures. He speaks French and English."

"Mathilde is Spanish, she loves travel and cinema. She has lived in London since 2015. She speaks Italian, Spanish and English."