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A guide to London for expats

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Housing in London

We’ve gathered a range of sites, organisations and tips to help you find accommodation depending on the length of your stay 


What to do? How long will it take and what documents do I need to show upon arrival?

Opening a bank account

What for? Where to go, how to get one, how to transfer my money; these are the questions we answer in this post...

Party in London

Where to party? Good deals, you will find all recommended spots and cool venues to enjoy London by night...

Find a job

What to do, what sites to visit; we give you all of our top tips...

Find an internship

How to find an internship in London? Which methods to use to be most effective in your search

Useful apps

Best apps to find your way around the city, give you ideas for activities, restaurants, events etc...


How to find your general practitioner, where to sign up and what documents to bring. 

National Insurance Number

What is it? How to register? How long it takes, we tell you everything.


The London Underground, the Oyster Card, how does it work? How much does it cost ? etc ... 

London airports

How to get to the centre from the different airports: Heathrow, Gatwick, Luton and Stanstead

Au Pair in London

How to find an au Pair familly in London? What are the contracts ? How to meet other au Pairs ?