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National Insurance Number

The NIN, what’s that about…?

The National Insurance Number, equivalent to our French social security, will allow you to work in England, it will be asked of you automatically and is essential. As always the steps vary depending on the case, and here it depends on whether you already have a job or are still looking. A little more explanation?

I have a job!

We’ll start with the lucky ones who have already found a job. In some companies, you only have to fill out a form and send it to your employer, who will take care of the procedure for you, then you will receive your NIN by post.

Not me…

If you have to do it, we’re in the same situation as those looking for a job, you need to call 0345 600 0643 (the service is available from Monday to Friday between 8 am and 6 pm) explaining the reason for your call, and you will get an appointment where you will still need documents… Passport or identity card, proof of residence (a youth hostel address for example), the meeting request and a new one, proof that you are looking for a job. This can be letters from recruitment agencies if you have registered with them, letters of refusal… All this is in theory, they sometimes only require a piece of ID.

You will be asked a few questions like “why do you want a NIN?”, you will fill out a questionnaire with the supporting documents and that’s it. Within a few weeks you will receive your National Insurance Number, and then later your personal card.

Then you’re good to go, you can then pick up the phone and call to set up your meetings! If you have any questions or things to add to this article, add a comment!

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