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    Healthcare in London

    How to find your General Practioner (GP)? To access healthcare as we have it back at home, you will need to register with a General Practitioner, or GP. In England this works by area, i.e. your GP will be the one who lives closest to you (according to your post code), so it is easy to find them, you can go to the National Health Service site and search using your post code.

    National Insurance Number

    The NIN, what’s that about…? The National Insurance Number, equivalent to our French social security, will allow you to work in England, it will be asked of you automatically and is essential. As always the steps vary depending on the case, and here it depends on whether you already have a job or are still looking. A little more explanation? I have a job! We’ll start with the lucky ones who have already found a job.

    Opening a bank account in London

    Why? You will need to open a bank account here, especially if your French bank takes commissions for every withdrawal/payment (inquire before departure), but also to be able to receive your salary. The procedures differ by bank, online or traditional, if you begin the paperwork before departure or in person… In short, here are some pointers that will certainly clear things up for you. Where? First, opening your account remotely is possible, you can start this type of approach with your French bank.

    Passports in London

    The United Kingdom is still part of the EU, so for the time being ID cards are enough for Europeans and French nationals to visit. However, if you plan on staying in London for a while, we advise you to have a passport to be prepared for any eventuality, and if you do not know how to do so, don’t panic. What to do There are two scenarios: those who have to renew their passport and those who are applying for the first time.